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FAQs about Septic System Installation in Houston

What do I need to do to get a septic and building permit for a septic system installation in Houston?
The state of Texas has codes and policy that each county must adhere to. These codes are basic guidelines and often the counties have more rigorous policies than the state does.

What documents do I need to get a septic permit and building permit from my county?
Every county is different, but for most counties you will need a septic system design, and your house plans. We can provide you with a septic system designs in Houston, Conroe  and other cities.

Should I inspect the septic system on the house I am buying?
Yes, many systems may be out dated and the county may require you to bring the system up to today's standards. Sterling Septic Service specializes in Montgomery County septic inspection.

Why is the red light on my septic system?
There are many reasons why the light on your system may be on, but the primary reason is often the over use of water.

How often should I have my tanks pumped out?
That varies from situation to situation, call us and we can help you evaluate the need, and provided you with the necessary contacts.

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